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You’re A Prostitute If You Think Your Boyfriend Owes You Money After S3x – Relationship Coach Says

It’s 2021 and the year has just started with its own social problems. There’s currently a movement and a counter movement on social media regarding girls and boys in relationships.

The men in Ghana and Nigeria especially are flying the flag of the “Stingy men association” high which has its motto as “let me see what I can do”. Others have explicitly wrote under the motto, “Don’t give shi shi”.

The ladies on the other hand have also created a counter movement called “Stingy women association” which also admonishes members to keep their legs tightly closed if their partners are not forthcoming with money.

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This actually started as a joke of a sort but it has actually helped to drive a conversation around the real impact of relationship these days.

In view of this, relationship expert and lifestyle coach, Solomon Buchi has taken to his Twitter handle to drop his two cents on the raging topic.

In a series of tweets, he mentioned that any lady who requests money from her partner after s3x is actually a prostitute.

In subsequent tweets he added that, a relationship is not a job or a paid internship where ladies are expectant of some material gains.

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He wrote: “Ifyou think your boyfriend owes you money because you’re giving him s3x, you’re a prostitute. Own it with your chest. Wait you don’t “give” a man s3x; both of you HAVE s3x, it was mutually enjoyed it, so he owes you nothing.”

“Dear Nigerian women:
Relationship is not a job. Being a girlfriend is not some paid internship. Being a baby mama is not a job. Stop going around calling hardworking men STINGY cos he is ignoring your poverty. You’re the broke person here. It’s 2021, find work! Man no be work!”


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