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You Will Only Know Your Wife Loves You When You Go Broke – Reno Omokri

Hard-hitting Nigerian social media commentator, Reno Omokri is relentless in his quest to get people think outside the box and make life worth living for themselves and those around them.

The lawyer cum writer has carved a niche for himself when it comes to speaking truth to power without mincing words. He has been using social media as a platform to share his useful nuggets which are going a long way to effect positive changes in the lives of his followers.

In a tweet on his verified Twitter handle, Reno Omokri wrote a simple note to husbands, giving them clues to detect whether their wives truly love them or not.

Reno Omokri

The man who has nicknamed himself as the “Buhari tormenter” wrote that husbands can only detect the true love of their wives when they (husbands) go broke.

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His tweet reads, “Dear husband, You will only know if your wife truly loves you when you face financial challenges and she still honours you the same way she did when you were financially buoyant. Right now, what you are seeing when you buy her an iPhone 13 is excitement, not love!”

Many of his followers, especially the men agreed with him on this. In this era where the amount of love a husband receives is directly proportional to the depth of his pocket or the fatness of his bank account, it will be very difficult for one to get true love.

The material love is what is on the plates these days. Reno Omokri is by his post trying to let the men see the light and be able to decipher true love from counterfeit.

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Reno Omokri has grown to be a man who is loved by many for what he stands for – justice and good living. He has been one of the most critical people of the president Muhammadu Buhari’s led administration. He has been criticizing how president Muhammadu Buhari is running the affairs of Nigeria and has been urging the citizens to stand up for their rights.

He has been helping the youths with wisdom and knowledge that will make them excel in their chosen careers. This and more have made the name Reno Omokri a household name in West Africa.

Check out a screenshot of his post below.

Reno Omokri quotes
Reno Omokri


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