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You Need Those ʋncomfortablɛ Convo With Your Partner For Your Relationship To Work – Man Says

In relationships, there are some particular topics that are very ʋncomfortablɛ discussing. Topics surrounding the past of either partners can be very dɛtrimental to the positive growth of the relationship.

With this in mind, a lot of people in relationships try as much as they can to avoid holding a conversation regarding these topics which are probably reserved for the gods.

Whiles we may be thinking that this is a good omen for the positive growth of the relationship, it has always proven otherwise. Many have been hauntɛd by their past to the extent that the impact of their past affects their present relationships.

Others too with a b@d relationship history continue to live their old lifestyles after getting themselves committed to a very serious relationship of a sort with their new partners. They’re simply unrɛpentant!

They literally carry the bane of their failed relationships in the past to their present. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insan!ty; we are told. But these people don’t pay heed to this wise saying.

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For relationship to work, couples must be honest with one another. This is a campaign that one internet user is embarking on recently in a series of tweets on micro blogging platform, Twitter..

The Twitter user who goes with the handle @MwendiaJnr has opined that couples must be ready to discuss the ʋncomfortablɛ topics for their relationships to work.

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According to him, those ʋncomfortablɛ discussions must be held for relationships to thrive. A lot of others seem to be agreeing with him as they trooped into his comments box to share a comment in solidarity.

Check out his tweet below. Don’t forget to use the comments box below this post to share with us your opinion on this subject matter.



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