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“You Have A Jet Already, I Won’t Give You Shishi” – Man Leaves Note In Offering Box

The church just like most religious institutions is ran with the benevolence of members in giving some financial support to do its works.

This has been the practice for ages and religious people have never complained about it until in recent times where most pastors use the offering and tithe to enrich themselves.

These shameless group of pastors live in affluence whiles their congregants live in abject poverty.

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Owning a private jet has become a competition for most pastors. Meanwhile, they do not run any profit-making business.

This attitude has made people to feel reluctant to pay offering and tithes to these churches and their pastors.

One unidentified christian has set social media on fire when a note he left in the offering box instead of money made its way into the social media space.

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A twitter user with the handle, @SledgeAma who is said to be an Usher at the said church shared a photo of the note on her twitter page.

The note reads; “You have jet already I only have a Toyota I no dey give you shi shi”.


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