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Yaa Jackson Drops Long Held Secret About Herself

Kumawood thespian and singer, Yaa Jackson has dropped a huge revelation about herself in a post she shared on her Instagram page.

Yaa Jackson who is known to be one of the most provocative celebrities when it comes to dressing, recently came under strict scrutiny from a section of the Ghanaian public for how she has been appearing in recent times.

Many people even suspected her to be doing drugs due to how rough she appears in her recent photos and videos.

But whiles all the debate and brouhaha is still ongoing, she has decided to clear the minds of all, concerning her life.

Yaa Jackson in her latest post shared some very raunchy photos of herself where she’s seen wearing a skimpy bra which was inadequate to contain her not so big b00bs.

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Her tattoos of the music symbol and that of the sacred Jesus Cross were visibly seen in the photos. Her posture in the photos proved that she was really on a different level.

She captioned the photos: “Once a gangstress always a gangstress”. She has finally admitted that she is a big time gangster – something her critics have always linked her to.

Yaa Jackson’s music career is not one that she will be very proud of as she has been off and on and is yet to register a nationwide hit song.

In the acting field, she’s still not able to register her name in the A-list thespians in Kumawood. Despite her father being a movie director and she was introduced into the movie industry as a child, she’s still struggling like anyone else in the industry.

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Her claim to fame is her social media presence. She has managed to carve a beautiful niche for herself in this regard. Her daily photo sharing and provocative captioning of those photos has kept her name in the industry for a while now.

Her relevance hinges on how often she posts on her Instagram page where she has over 2 million followers.


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