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“Women Cheat More Than Men” – Lady Says As She Explains Why Women Are Able To Keep It A Secret

In relationships the biggest stumbling block to a successful one is the issue of cheating. Men and women are both caught in the web and cannot absolve themselves from blames.

In fact, cheating has the tendency of killing your relationship faster than anything else in the world. Most people attribute varying reasons for cheating on their partners.

The only question or problem that men and women have found difficult to answer is: who does it best when it comes to cheating in a relationship?

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Men always point accusing fingers at women and the vice versa. But one honest woman has somewhat put the matter to rest with a video which is fast circulating on social media.

The unidentified woman in the video mentioned emphatically that, women cheat more than men in relationships. She explained that the reasons why men are always seen as cheaters is because they’re easily caught.

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But women, according to her, are kingpins of cheating but they do it expertly in such a way that men won’t even find out.

Watch her explain more in the video below.


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