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Why Will God Kill His Son To Forgive Man Instead Of Killing Satan? – Nadia Buari Asks

The most important teaching and pillar of the Christian faith has yet again come under scrutiny as award-winning Nollywood actress, Nadia Buari took to Instagram to ask why God killed his only son to forgive man.

The sacrifice of Jesus Christ to forgive the sins of mankind has been the blood of the Christian faith and without it, Christianity will crumble.

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Despite its significance in the largest religion in the world, it can’t stand the test of wisdom and logical scrutiny.

God in his omniscience may not need to kill his son to forgive his creation without killing Satan who is thought to be the source of sin.

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Nadia Buari and other like-minded people have once in a while questioned that aspect of Christianity.

Check out a screenshot of Nadia’s post below.


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