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When You Think Too Much About Ghana, You May Die Of BP – Accountant Laments

A chartered accountant and business advisor, Okine Stephen has opined that thinking too much about Ghana may cause one his life as a result of high blood pressure known simply as BP in the local parlance.

The accountant was commenting on a series of tweets from Bright Simons complaining about the rot at the Ghana National Petroleum Cooperation.

According to Bright Simons, the GNPC has procured a $7.5 million 6-storey building at Takoradi without following the necessary procurement laws.

Bright Simons in a series of tweets wrote: “1/ Ghana’s GNPC paid $7.5m for a rundown 6-storey building owned by a firm GNPC’s CEO used to be the Chairman of. There was no tender. When they were asked why they didn’t follow procurement laws, they said the building is real estate & “real estate” is not mentioned in the law.

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“2/ “Real Estate” is defined as: “land, as well as any permanent improvements attached to the land, whether natural or man-made—including water, trees, minerals, buildings, homes, fences, and bridges.” Simply put, per GNPC, big projects are beyond procurement law.

“3/ Behold the Takoradi building bought for $7.5m by GNPC from Global Haulage in 2018. Without tender. Why? Because, according to GNPC, it is “real estate”. And Ghana’s procurement law doesn’t expressly mention “real estate”. What is not written is not written!”


The tweets attracted a number of reactions as majority of the followers were enraged by the daylight robbery happening in most of the public institutions.

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Okine Stephen who was equally enraged commented that one should be careful about how much they think about Ghana otherwise they will die before their time.

“When you think/care too much about Ghana, you may die soon because your blood pressure may go up the roof. If care isn’t taken Ghana may tilt into the abyss. Only God can save us”, he replied to the tweet.


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