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We No Longer Go For Looks, We Go For Maturity And Stability – Ladies Told

Many people enter into relationships with their partners for different reasons and motives. Some people fall in love with the good looks of their partners whiles others also look for some non-tangible qualities such as character.

But what sits in the upper echelon of all the reasons that can push someone to fall in love with a person is the good looks.

Most young men and women consider the beauty and handsomeness of the people they date above all other qualities. This has however proven to be a non-effective way of getting a partner you can call a soulmate.

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Many relationships including marriages are crushing down due to the haste with which partners choose each other to start a relationship.

A netizen has taken to social media platform, Twitter to admonish ladies that men of today have uncovered the secret to everlasting and successful marriages.

Taking to the social media platform, the man who is a comedian intimated that men now overlook beauty when choosing a partner. He explained further that most of them now look for maturity and peace of mind in the ladies they want to date.

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In his words he wrote; “We no longer go for looks. We go for maturity, stability, loyalty and peace”.

His tweet has received wide commendations from both genders as majority of the people who commented on the post endorsed it.

It’s becoming clear to everyone that looks can be deceptive. Character is what will help you keep a healthy marital home as a man or woman. So without this, your good looks count for nothing in relationships.


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