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Watch How A Scammer Formats A White Lady’s Mind To Get Money – Video

Scammers use different strategies and formats to work on the psyche of their victims to convince them into giving them money.

False pretense is the number one tool exploited by scammers to make their victims trust them only to be fleeced off their hard-earned currency in the long run.

One Oyibo woman is trending on social media after a video of her exhibiting so much ignorance from a format her partner (scammer) used on her.

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The scammer wrote a comment to her and remarked that she was a “mugu” but the Oyibo woman didn’t understand what “mugu” means.

The scammer who obviously was a man or pretended to be a man and professing love to this woman explained that mugu means good woman.

The woman became excited and decided to brag about her new found accolade on social media. Many have been laughing at her ignorance whiles some are trying to break the bro code to this Oyibo woman.

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Well mugu is far from a good woman and the woman actually got excited through ignorance. It’s through this strategy of getting their victims hyped up that scammers are able to get money from their clients.

Watch the video below.


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