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Video: YOLO Star, Lydia Set To Expose A Colleague Who’s Thre@tening Her Over A Man

Budding Ghanaian actress, Christabel Amoabeng has taken to her social media platforms to give a warning to one of her colleagues in the industry who is allegedly threatening her life over a man.

The actress who fell short in mentioning the name of the said actress narrated how the lady in question have been bashing her in her message inbox on instagram.

The lady in question is accusing Christabel Amoabeng of trying to ruin her relationship with the man at the center of this whole controversy.

You will recall that on the 28th of January, 2020, the “YOLO” star recorded a live video and posted on her instagram page where she was crying her heart out about a very delicate issue in her life.

In the video, she didn’t mince words, and spilled the beans about what her worries were. She was frank in the video and told her followers and fans that she’s going through a lot of emotional trauma because of a man he likes but unfortunately the man has a girlfriend.

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This development meant that her desire to have a relationship with the man was not going to be successful but she didn’t want to just let go of it like that. She therefore did the video, soliciting ideas from her fans on the best way to tackle the issue and probably get over it without hurting herself emotionally.

Most of her fans advised her to jettison any idea of trying to snatch the man from his girlfriend. Apparently, she heeded to the suggestions by her loyal fans and followers.

According to her, she moved on with her life and even went ahead to delete the man’s number from her phone.

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She however admits that the man occasionally calls and sends her messages on social media but there was nothing beyond that. She narrates further that, recently a certain strange number and a strange social media page has been sending her messages, threatening her life over the same man she’s not being talking to for over a year now.

She disclosed that she has been able to unravel the identity of the anonymous person and she is the girlfriend of the man. She warned her to desist from that else she will expose her identity and also make her face the law for the threats on her life.

Watch the full video below.


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