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Video: Woman Narrates Her 300 Years Undersea Life Experience

For the first time in a long while, a woman who is believed to be a woman of God has revealed a very serious secret about herself.

In an interview with the media, the yet-to-be identified woman narrated that she has lived and trained in the undersea for 300 years before coming to this world.

According to her, she died many centuries ago and was taken to the underwater to study before making a return to the world.

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The woman continued that she has gained enough training in the undersea to the extent that she didn’t need to attend school before speaking good English language.

She bragged that her 300 years of life and studies in the undersea gave her enough experience and as a result she is a lecturer in a University even though she didn’t sit in a classroom.

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She however failed to mention the University that she works for. Many people have rubbished her claims on social media. We have the video for you below. Follow the link to watch.

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