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Video: Widow Wins Big After Helping A Rich Man Who Disguised As Poor Man

A single mother has been rewarded heftily for her kindness toward a man who came to a grocery supermarket looking for help.

The man who is a very rich man disguised himself as a poor person who could not pay for a bottle of water he purchased from the supermarket.

After approaching different people seeking help to pay for the water bottle, he got shocked by the reaction he got.

All the people but one woman that he approached turned him down. Some ladies and a gentleman even tried to rain derogatory words on him.

Others mocked him but he kept moving from one customer to the other until he finally met the woman who agreed to pay for the bottle of water.

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He told the woman, who is a single mother of two children that, he did what he did to test the kindness of people in the world today.

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Since she was kind enough to agree to pay for his water, he was also going to take up the cost of all the groceries she bought from the shop.

He blessed the woman that day and her life may never be the same again as they exchanged contacts afterwards.


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