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Video: Watch How Rich Boys Snatched Poor Man’s Wife From His Motor

There’s this popular saying that if money was to be on trees, women would have married monkeys. This statement is driven by the insatiable lust for money and other material things by ladies.

Money is the driving force behind every successful relationship in today’s world. Without money you will never get your choice of girl to date.

This might sound like a sweeping statement but that is the reality.

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One poor man has just lost his girlfriend to some rich boys in Owerri, Nigeria. According to the narration that followed the video online, the man invited his girlfriend over to his house.

When the girl picked Okada to visit her boyfriend, the rich boys met her on the way while driving a Benz car.

The boys made their intentions clear and drove closer to the girl and the okada rider. They showered her body with some compliments and asked that she joined them in the car.

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She agreed and jumped in the car leaving his boyfriend waiting. She is not even likely to go back to the boy again. Check the video below.


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