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Video: Watch How Legends Ask For S£x Without Saying It

In relationships, the most difficult thing to ask for especially during the early days of your dating is s€x.

Mostly it’s the men who make the move. Only few ladies will try to ask for s€x from her partner.

The idea of s€x is viewed with different lenses. Some think that it is wrong to even think of that in the early days of dating. It’s almost a taboo in Africa to do that.

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One man has got the internet busy with the unique way he requested for intimacy from his girlfriend.

Probably been their first date, the man wanted to have his way into the underw€ar of the girlfriend but didn’t know how to go about it.

He came up with a plan that worked perfectly for him. He simply placed a cond0m inside his palm and made a fist with the cond0m still inside.

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He used that to shake the hand of the lady and then revealed the content of his palm to her. The lady quickly removed it and led her man to a place where they both enjoyed themselves.

Check out the video below.


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