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Video: Watch How A Man Pulled A Thread From His Mouth Through His Eye

Some people are very tricky and can wow a lot of people with their creative tricks.

Magic is widely acclaimed to be a trick but there are a lot of people who believe that there is more to magic than just a trick.

And infact, some actions by some magicians will make you feel that there is some supernatural aspect of magic.

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Magicians around the world have been entertaining their guests with their cunning tricks and sometimes some of them come out to explain that the things that they do are usually tricks and nothing more.

The new sensations in magic in Ghana, Rollie and Andy have wowed viewers with a very wonderful trick.

Rollie pulled out a thread from his mouth through his eye which got those sitting to watch including Nadia Buari shocked and screaming.

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The video was posted by Rollie and Andy on their official Instagram page.

Magic or illusion? Check the video below and let’s have your opinion.


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