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Video: Watch As This Young Boy Drinks Alcohol Like A Pro At An Event

These days the kind of things we see on the internet is enough to cause one his or her joy. A lot of weird happenings on the internet these days is mind-blowing.

There’s currently a video of a small boy who is at an event where he is busily drinking away his sorr0ws. The video has attracted wide range of comments regarding its appropriateness.

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The boy who wore a 30BG chain took hold of a big bottle of alcohol and took a sip before taking to the dancefloor to compete with the adults on stage.

He was surrounded by some two women who are believed to be those who brought him to the party.

The video after making its way to social media has sparked controversy with many people condɛmning the adults for introducing the young lad to the party.

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Check out the video below.



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