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Video: Warm Moment As Father And Son Who Separated For 20 Years Reunite

A man who separated from his son for 20 years reunites with the son in a very dramatic way.

The son, according to reports, left the house about twenty years ago and never returned.

It was later discovered that he’s gone overseas where he lived in America for the past twenty years.

The father has never set his eyes on the son since the time that he left and he wondered whether the son will ever come back.

But the grace of the Lord fell on him. The son decided to visit home and informed everyone of his coming except his father.

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On his arrival, he arranged such that he could ambush his father in the house without his knowledge.

In a video which is fast gaining traction on social media, the man is heard called from behind and when he turned to find out who that was, his son hugged him from the back.

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He turned in surprise only to see his son who left home for twenty years right before his eyes.

The moment was so emotional, and a lot of netizens are expressing varying opinions.

Watch the video below by swiping left.


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