Home Social Buzz Video: University Student Flogg£d By His Lecturer In His Office

Video: University Student Flogg£d By His Lecturer In His Office

Corporal punishment and canning in schools have been frowned upon by well-meaning individuals in the educational sector.

It has been banned by most countries in the world. But the practice unfortunately, is clandestinely perpetuated by some teachers and school authority.

A rare video of a university student being flogg£d on his bvtt is going viral. This sad incident is believed to have happened at the University of Uyo in Nigeria.

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The University student who is a full grown man can be seen in the video been held by his trousers by the lecturer to inspect which area to give the strokes.

The lecturer after painstakingly inspecting the student’s trouser, he landed a single stroke on his bvttocks with a stick.

The video has caused a lot of uproar on social media, especially as it is coming a few weeks after a child of two years lost his life as a result of canning in school by his teacher.

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People expressed their displeasure at the disgusting incident and called for proper sensitization to be done for teachers on other corrective measures to take on their learners when they go wrong without using brute force.

You can watch the video below.


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