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Video: Two Ladies Run M.ad After Alighting From A Private Car Of A Yahoo Boy

There’s a video of two ladies acting weird by the roadside after they alighted from a white SUV car which is suspected to be for ritu@lists.

The video was recorded live at the scene and the two ladies can be seen in the video acting funny.

One of the ladies ran across the street whiles the other was sitting motionless in the middle of the road with spectators all over feeding their eyes.

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The lady who crossed the street also pulled some crowd to her side and a lot of people’s attention turned to her. She was making some barking sound that attracted the attention to her camp.

The identity of the two young ladies and what led to their current situation is yet to be established as at the time of filing this report.

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But one thing the people are suspecting and pointing fingers at is that the girls were probably used for rit.ual purposes by some unidentified yahoo boys.

Watch the video below.



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