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Video: Two Homo$3xuals Busted And Paraded On The Street

Homo$3xuality is a big crime which comes with a capital punishment by the legislations of the various African countries.

There no single country in Africa that has a soft stance on the issue of homo$3xuality.

The laws against the act is described by many human rights activists as draconian and have been campaigning for a review of some of the laws.

The hate for homo$3xiluals is stemmed from a lot of factors including religion and culture.

Both the indigenous African traditional religion and the imported foreign religions frown on the practice of same $3x relationships.

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Those who practice this do so clandestinely because, by the slightest of mistake, if they’re caught, they will be dealt with severely without mercy.

Some two unlucky suspected homo$3xuals have been caught in Nigeria by the youths of Awka Etiti community of Anambra and as expected, the community is dealing with them as the people expected.

The two suspects were stripped half-næked and marched through the streets amidst chanting of condemning words at them.

They hurled a lot of insults at them and some were just trying to catch a glimpse of them and to film them for social media.

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From the video, one could tell that the suspects have gone through a great deal of suffering in the hands of those who arrested them.

They were probably mol3sted by the youths before embarking on the dehumanizing journey of walking through the streets in boxers.

Check out the video below.


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