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Video: Twins Narrate How They Fell In Love With Each Other And Got Married

Something that would pass for the most abominable act in any typical African community setting has just happened in Nigeria.

This has to do with incest. Incest has been frowned upon by our culture and traditions and even the foreign imported religions also frown on it.

A set of twins have defied this rule by falling in love with each other.

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A video posted on Instagram by blogger, “Ourtalkroom” has this twins narrating their story.

They explained that they fell in love from birth through the connection that existed between them from birth.

According to them, their family and friends disowned them, saying that what they were doing was a sin.

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They were later kicked of the community but they didn’t stop their romantic life nonetheless and now they’re happily married with a kid.

Watch the video below.


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