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Video: Trotro Bus Spotted Using Gallon As Fuel Tank

Today on some weird things happening around us, we have a video of how a Trotro driver managed to convert a plastic gallon into a fuel tank of his vehicle.

The incident which happened in faraway Nigeria has caught the attention of internet users and a lot of people are commenting on it.

The vehicle which was in motion had the gallon sitting inside the bus with fuel pipe dipped deep into it whiles it was filled with fuel.

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The hilarious scene was captured on camera and the video was shared on social media. The video has gone viral on the internet already.

Even though the incident might look funny and will definitely get people laugh over it with nothing happening subsequently to correct the mistake, it has more adverse effect on road users than can be envisaged.

The kind of happenings on our roads in Africa have contributed immensely to the numerous but needles road crushes we’ve been recording in Africa.

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Road crushes still remain the highest contributer to the low life span of Africans. Beyond the humor, the authority must up their game in ensuring that the safety of everyone is assured on our roads. Check out the video below.



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