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Video: This Is How Girls Want You To Hit Them During D0ggy

S3x has become a very integral part of our everyday lives especially in the lives of adults. Many young people in particular, are beginning to get liberated from the fairytales surrounding love making and are beginning to explore their own bodies for optimum pleasure.

This has led to the discovery of new s3x positions aside the missionary handed us from Adam. I must stress that new s3x positions come on a daily.

Among all the s3x styles innovated over the years, the one that is usually described as d0ggy is by far, the most preferred by both gender.

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This s3x position, as you might be aware, involves the girl going down on all four whiles the man kneels behind for the penetration and subsequent thrusting.

Those who have mastered this style tend to love it more than all other styles. But those who don’t have the technical know-how about executing it can present a very terrible experience for both partners.

Due to this challenge, some two ladies have arrogated to themselves the responsibility of demonstrating to people how d0ggy style is supposed to be executed.

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A viral video of the two young ladies has surfaced online where one of them acted as the man with the other being the female. The female version in the demonstration bent over with the male version standing right behind her nyash hitting her hard with all the energy she could garner.

Without uttering a word, they were able to achieve their goal of educating the people as they say, action speaks louder than words.

Check out the video below.


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