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Video: Street Pastor Fights Mad Man In A Bid To Deliver Him

Being a miracle working pastor in Africa can be energy draining and sometimes presents the pastors in a bad light.

The majority of pastors have been in the business of not minding their own business in order to create an ideal society worthy of God’s blessing. This act of poking their noses into people’s matters has made them a subject of ridicule in some cases.

One street pastor has been in a video where he’s in a serious WrestleMania match with a mentally deranged man in his quest to deliver the mad person from his predicament.

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The power of the holy spirit appeared too weak for the opposition mounted by the “demons” in the mad man and the pastor had to get involved physically to complete the task.

The street pastor engaged the mad man in a wrestling match and was able to put the back of the man to the ground whiles pinning his head on the ground amidst chanting and inviting the “holy ghost fire” to come and take over.

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The video has already gone viral and we’re just adding fuel to the flame. Tap on the attachment below to also watch.


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