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Video: Sidechick And Her Friends Gang Up To B.eat Man’s Wife

These days, the small girls are taking matters into their own hands without recourse to whether they’re the legally married girls or the wives of their sugar daddy.

At first, sidechicks wouldn’t have been able to openly date a married man without a modicum of shame and guilt written all over their faces.

They were literally hiding in order to operate their dark businesses. But now, it has changed a lot because they’re emboldened to share the man with so much confidence.

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One married wife has met her rival on a neighborhood and her alleged rival ganged up with her friends to discipline her the hard way.

The wife in a video that was shared by gossipmilltv, was driving and met the Sidechick. We understand that she was tracking down the Sidechick and she also decided to face her all out.

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The Sidechick confronted the lady and gave her some hot $laps before she could open the gate of her car. The sidechick’s friends came around and fortunately saved the wife.

The wife opened her car and brought out a spanner as a defensive tool. Watch the video below.


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