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Video: See What This Lady Did To Herself With A Bottle

Among the many things bothering the minds of many Ghanaians, there’s the absolute truth that some people are simply living their lives and enjoying every bit of it without giving a hoot about what is going on.

Some people even sometimes jokingly intimate that all that a person needs to stay away from depression in Ghana is mobile data and an access to social media.

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One lady has all of a sudden taken the front seat in driving the people’s happiness in a new dance move she has probably invented.

This lady, whose identity is still not in the known, was seen dancing happily at a party with an empty bottle of voltic closely massaging her private parts.

The dance moves and the sensation that the bottle provided was enough to give the girl the big O, judging from her facial expressions.

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She was truly in the mood and was taken to the clouds through her own creativity. Check out the video below.


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