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Video: See What Happens To A Young Man After He Allegedly Took Colorado

Substance abuse is very common among the youth especially those in the African continent.

Whether it’s as a result of the economic hardships or they’re just being adventurous, no one easily has the answer.

The use of hard substances to allegedly aid them into doing some of the things that they can’t do whiles being “normal” is driving a lot into substance abuse.

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Tramadol and other substances including alcohol are commonly abused by young people.

A Nigerian man believed to be in his early 20s was spotted on the streets acting weird. Enquiries from spectators pointed to the fact that he took a hard alcoholic beverage.

He can be heard clearly in the video saying he can’t k!ll his mama when his mother was nowhere near the scene.

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Spectators sympathized with him and some passed comments such as “he’s going mad like that”, among others.

The bottom line is, substance abuse is bad and must be discouraged among the youth. Check out the video below.


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