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Video: S3x Education Goes Bad On TV As Lady Demonstrates D0ggy Style

These days, what happens on our TV screens is beyond despicable. The manner of uncultured people parading as hosts and guests on Television programs will make you sad for this generation.

A lot of programs have emerged on TV screens, teaching how young people can engage in proper s3xual intercourse to achieve maximum pleasure for both parties.

One of such programs was aired over the weekend and a video of it is trending on social media.

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In the said video, the host of the show went down on all four whiles a man whose face wasn’t shown is seen behind pounding her.

She named the S3x style as “Examination” as she moan loudly to the riddim of the man’s thrusts.

These S3x education programs are good for married couples but unfortunately even teenage girls and boys now have access to them thanks to social media.

This can’t be curbed as the internet has become our new home. The content of the  programs could rather be censored to avoid implanting bad thoughts on the minds of young boys and girls who have not attained the legal age for S3x yet.

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The video which was posted by brownghdotcom on Instagram is right here for you. Watch if you’re 18+.


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