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Video: Rare Disorder, Meet The Man Without A Lower Jaw

Disability comes in different forms and shapes. Some physically challenged persons were born with the problem. This is blamed on several factors including malnutrition, accidents among others during pregnancy.

But the majority also are physically challenged due to accidents and sometimes a mistake from a medical personnel in administering an injection to a new born.

Personally, I have seen a lot of physically challenged people but I have never seen one with only one jaw – the upper jaw.

For the first time, I’ve stumbled upon a video of a man with this kind of rare disability on social media platform, Instagram.

The man in the short video was doing a live session but unfortunately he couldn’t talk due to the absence of the lower jaw.

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In the video, there’s a tube that is connected to somewhere along the neck, ostensibly to administer food into his stomach.

There is also a headphone strapped to his ears. The purpose of the headphones in helping his disability is one that we can’t guess for now as he is not reported to be hearing impaired.

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The man received a lot of comments in his live video where he didn’t utter a word throughout the entire duration of the video.

The cause of his condition is not also readily available. But it’s suspected that he might have acquired that through accident.

Check out the video below.


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