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Video: Pretty Lady Embarrasses Herself While Using An Accelerator For The First Time

Using some modern technological inventions without a prior knowledge of how to use them can be very embarrassing.

This is the more reason why all new inventions come with a manual for users to read more about the modus operandi of the new gadget.

The sight of tall buildings is a normal thing these days in our cities. Climbing the stairs manually to the top floors can be daunting. A lot of people face difficulties when climbing the stairs to the top of a high rise building.

The inability to climb manually can be attributed to body size, health of the individual, old age among others. With this in mind, technology has developed accelerators to help people accelerate to the top of high rise buildings with ease.

The accelerator operates like the chains of an earth moving machine. It’s chain-like and one is expected to step on it and keep holding steadily to be transported to the top. But this is more difficult than it appears in this description.

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The practical aspect of climbing an elevator or accelerator for the first time is really difficult. You may be knocked off your feet when you step on an accelerator for the first time. The difficulties that come with climbing an accelerator for the first time is a no respecter of persons.

All manner of people have got themselves tripping and embarrassing themselves when they first stepped on the chains of an accelerator.

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One beautiful lady has fallen victim to the difficult nature of using accelerators when she embarrassingly fell flat on the accelerator when she tried to climb it.

The lady appeared very smart and one would not think that she will be facing any challenges when she tries to climb an accelerator. But the case was different. She fell with her high-heels shoes raised high in the air. She remained in that position on the accelerator for the rest of her journey to the top.

The video was posted on social media and we have it right here before your eyes. Check it out below.


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