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Video: Pretty Girls Made To Swim In Mud For Stealing

Stealing is very bad and a lot of people have problems with those who take stealing as a full-time or even part-time job.

Those who engage in stealing face a lot of embarrassing moments when they’re caught.

Some three beautiful young ladies are reported to have been caught stealing by some neighbors in Nigeria and the punishment they meted out to them is very hilarious.

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The community members who caught these chicks allegedly stealing organized a pool party for them.

They found some huge ditch on a graveled road and used the water in it as the pool.

The girls were mad to swim inside the mud for a long time before they were asked to come out of the dirty water.

Netizens are finding the content of the video very wrong and have been sharing their opinions.

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Some think that the community members should have handed them over to the police with all the evidence for the law to take its course.

Find the video below.


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