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Video: Pastor Gives Reasons Why He Supports Internet Scam

A pastor has caused some mix reaction on social media after a video of him openly endorsing the act of internet fraud made its way to social media space.

The yet to be identified pastor told his congregation that he supports internet fraudsters and even prays for them anytime he gets the opportunity.

He explained that he wants God to open the passcode of corrupt politicians to fraudsters for them to be taught a bitter lesson by the game boys.

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He added that he is praying so hard for such to happen so that the politicians will be served a dose of their own potion.

Another set of people that this internet scam supporting pastor wants the fraudsters to get access to is crooked pastors and men of God who have used their position to exploit their followers.

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The above categories are those that he wants the fraudsters to gain access to and to siphon all their ill-gotten wealth leaving them dry lie the Saharan desert. Watch him preach his support to the internet fraudsters below.


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