Home Social Buzz Video: Pastor Gives Reasons Why A Lady Must Marry In Her 20s

Video: Pastor Gives Reasons Why A Lady Must Marry In Her 20s

Marriage is one topic that keeps cropping in our daily discussions in Africa. The prominence of marriage has made it so important that it cannot be swept under the carpet.

The ideal age for marriage has not been agreed upon by stakeholders even though a lot of people have proposed varying ages that are considered as the right time to get married.

A well known pastor in Nigeria, pastor Ritabbi has provided an ideal age for girls to get married. He has backed his assertion with some reasons.

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According to the man of God, a girl must get married in her early 20s in order to avoid nagging in her 30s.

Ladies after exceeding their 20s and transitioned to their 30s will find it difficult to get the right men who will ask their hands in marriage.

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But according to pastor Ritabbi, a girl is in her prime when she is in her 20s and attracts all the men around her. If by mistake, she allows that time to pass, she will struggle to get a man.

Watch the video below.


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