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Video: Passengers Escape D£ath Narrowly When Their Bus Caught Fire

Some lucky passengers narrowly escaped the claws of d£ath when the bus they were traveling in caught fire along the journey.

The incident reportedly happened in Nigeria along the Benin – Ekpoma road. The bus, whiles in motion, reportedly started heating up and the passengers suspected something unusual was happening in the bus.

The passengers being vigilant alerted the driver and they decided to stop on the way to check what was going on.

The bus started burning just as they were making their way out of it. The passengers survived d£ath by an inch.

The incident was captured by some of the passengers and they shared the photos and videos with the public on social media.

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In Africa, most of our commercial vehicles plying our roads are old and weak and do not meet the road worthy standards.

This has caused needless accidents leading to the lost of precious lives in most parts of Africa. The safety measures on our roads are next to non-existent.

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Vehicle owners and drivers have collectively failed their passengers and duty bearers who are supposed to check on them to make sure the right thing is done are also sitting aloof while the needless acc!dents keep claiming lives on daily basis.

Watch the video of the sad incident below. Swipe right for the video.


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