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Video: Parents Bûrn Son For Marrying A “Wrong Woman” – Watch

A man is still battling the trauma that he’s left with from his parents after they set him ablaze for marrying a woman against their will.

The man who is identified as Mugabarigira Jean Claude is a Rwandan who had to endure a near-death experience from his own biological parents for choosing the love of her life.

Speaking in an interview with Afrimax TV, Jean Claude narrated his sad story which has attracted the attention of social media users.

The man narrates that his parents wanted him to marry one particular woman against his will but he also had his heart longing for a different woman, his current wife, Yvonne.

This brought a bad blood between him and his parents who threatened to disown him among others if he dares go ahead and marry a different woman.

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He accepted his fate and relocated with his fiance who he later got married to. This did not still please his parents who then hatched a plan to attack him in his new residence.

On the day of the attack, the parents paid him a surprised visit. After exchanging pleasantries he was offered a drink not knowing it was intoxicated with sleeping tablets.

After taking the drink, he slept unconsciously and the parents saw a perfect opportunity to launch their attack by setting him on fire.

His wife and some neighbors came to his rescue the he lost his belongings and the entire house to the inferno. Mugabagira Jean Claude explains that he woke in the hospital after 22 days in coma since the incident.

After being discharged from the hospital, his parents launched another attack on him but the neighbors came out and chased them away, warning that if they ever step foot again to the location, they will be severely dealt with.

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Mugabagira Jean Claude is still nursing his wounds as he has been badly burnt on his chest and other parts of his upper body. He has been living with the trauma but he consoles himself in the fact that he’s happily married to the love of his life and has three children by her.

His wife, Yvonne adds that she’s never perturbed about the actions of her inlaws as the love she has for her husband is all that matters to her.

Watch the video below for the full interview.



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