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Video: Only Way You Can Get My Grace Is To Bribe My Angels – Pastor Tells Members

A Nigerian clergyman is making the news for a statement he made whiles preaching to his congregation in his church.

The video which has since gone viral is causing a lot of stir on social media. Many are having a say or two on the appropriateness of what he said in his church.

The pastor can be heard boldly declaring to his church members that, before any of them could get the kind of grace that he is enjoying, then they have to come and bribe his angels.

The pastor emphatically told the crowd that his altar needs their money before they can be blessed. He, however, assured them that what his angels will do for them has got nothing to do with juju but by the pure grace of God.

”We need your money to come on my altar so that my altar will touch you. The only way the grace functioning in me will  work for you is that you come and bribe my angels because the more money in my hands, the faster I reach the assignment they gave to me. So the easier they make the assignment, the faster they work for you. There is no juju in it”, he told his congregation.

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It’s becoming abundantly clear that most of these modern pastors are all about money and nothing else. They sell to their church members imaginary solutions to real problems.

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They live lavishly on the back of the gullibility of their followers who have also vowed never to wake the f*** up. They dole out money to these pastorpreneurs and go back into living in abject poverty without a shred of guilt.

The video to what the pastor said can be accessed below.



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