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Video On Demand: Check Out The Girl With The Softest Nyash

Nowadays, girls are banking all their hopes on their bodies especially how curvaceous they’re in the bottom region.

Having big nyash and knowing how to flaunt them is a real asset that a lot of girls will pay a fortune to get.

Oils and other pills that are believed to have the power to enlarge a girl’s nyash are in high demand and in sometimes in short supply.

Those who can’t pay the hefty fee for a liposuction goes for the less expensive oils and pills hoping to achieve same results as liposuction.

Those who have the big nyash either naturally or artificially have found a way of flaunting them on social media where their target customers are.

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Hajia Bintu and her ilk are able to cash out big, thanks to their heavy endowment.

One lady who has captured the attention of social media today is a lady in a yellow dress who didn’t show her face lest we know her identity.

The  way she moved her big nyash made a lot of people wondering whether they were real or not. She is surely a candidate for the lady with the softest nyash in town.

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Like stated earlier, her identity is concealed for now but as we keep digging, we shall surely know who she really is. But for now, all we have is her video.

Check it out below.


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