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Video: No Need For Saliva; If Your D*ck Makes Sense I Will Be Wet – Lady Says

The practice of of using saliva as a lubricant during making out with your partner is something very common these days. Surprisingly, the ladies never liked it after all, but they never got the chance or courage to let men know.

It’s very common to see men using their saliva in place of a lubricant when the going gets tough and rough during lovemaking. This will enable the men to make a way where there seems to be none; they say.

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One lady has mustered some courage to tell men in the face that enough of the saliva lubrication.

According to the lady, a man does not need saliva if his preek (d*ck) makes sense to his lover. This is just to say that, if the lady is into you, she will get wet by herself without you using saliva.

She argued that a lady risks getting infection from the mouth to the p*ssy if the practice continues.

She captured this beautifully in a TikTok video where she puts all her emotions into captions without really saying it with her mouth.

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The lady is seen dancing with a piece of cloth wrapped around her waist whiles her message was beautifully relayed to her target audience through the captions.

Watch the video below and pay attention to the captions to know more of her reasons.



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