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Video: Mummy GO Explains The Origin Of Speaking in Tongues, Says It’s Not A Language Of Heaven

Controversial Nigerian televangelist, Funmilayo Adebayo popularly known as Mummy GO has yet again made it to the international headlines after she gave her take on the most popular speaking in tongues mostly performed by Christians.

Speaking to her congregation, Mummy GO mentioned that speaking in tongues is a language in real sense but it’s actually not the language of heaven.

She explained that the act of “speaking in tongues is a Yoruba man speaking Igbo, live”. This explanation has not gone down well with a lot of Christians who already are mo¢king her style of preaching.

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Even though Mummy GO may sometimes be very ridiculous but it seems this time round her declaration that speaking in tongues is not the language of heaven is spot on.

She however dragged her usual self into the conversation by saying that speaking in tongues is a Yoruba man speaking Igbo. That part is what her opponents are using against her sermon.

A lot of people have actually criticize speaking in tongues with a good number of churches and Christians not even doing it at all. The opponents find no reason why someone would be saying something that himself don’t understand as a prayer to the almghty God.

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Those in the business of speaking in tongues have more than a million reasons to back their act and there seems to be no reason in sight to make them jettison their long held ritual. It’s all about choices, after all.

Watch the video below.



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