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Video: Most Men Are Married To Lesb!ans – Lady Drops Dirty Secrets

Hom0sexuality is an abhorrent topic that no one wants to even engage in, especially, when the fellow is trying to get people accept the act as normal.

But despite the fact that majority of the people in Africa have expressed resentment for h0mosexuality and its proponents, a lot of people are deeply in the act anyway.

Others have also openly campaigned for the acceptance of h0mosexuality and for the antagonists to stop the hate for those who are engaged in it.

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Nollywood actress, Faith Morey has disclosed that most men in Nigeria especially, Lagos are married to Lesb!ans but they don’t know.

She revealed their modus operandi, saying that most of their lesbo partners are those ladies that they call their besties.

Because their lesbo partners are females, the husbands don’t usually suspect them, so they get the chance to operate their activities without a problem.

She narrated in a live video: “How many married men in Nigeria are married to Lesb!ans without them knowing, and these lesbians are cheating under their roof. These partners can be their best friend, their supposed omg we’ve been girlfriends for 10 years, 5 years and of course the husband is like, oh, I’m cool with it because she’s a girl, not knowing that’s her lover”.

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Check out the video below. Swipe right for video.


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