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Video: Moesha Bodoung Is Back In The Tw3rking Business; Says She’s Still No.1

Voluptuous Ghanaian actress, Moesha Bodoung has announced her comeback into the slayqueendom.

She made this announcement on social media with a video of her tw3rking hard on the camera.

She stated emphatically that her position as the number one slay queen is still unshaken even after her long absence.

But there has been a twist: this time round, Moesha Bodoung is only a slay queen of God and not for h.0rny men online.

You would recall that Moesha Bodoung deleted all her photos and videos on social media when she stated that she has repented and is now doing the work of the Lord.

She went through a lot during that time as her only source of livelihood, which was her $3xy body show-off on social media was cut off.

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She was no longer going to show enough skin and was also going off social media completely which has served as her office from where she operated for a long time.

In this new video to announce her comeback, Moesha is seen tw3rking in a long dress.

She made it known that she’s the girlfriend of Jesus Christ and she’s the number one slay queen in the service of God.

Moesha, until her repentance, was one of the most sought after hook up ladies in Ghana and to some extent, Africa.

She made a decent income out of her body and she never hid the fact that she was dating men for money.

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She even stated in an interview with Christine Amanpour of CNN that she and other girls in Ghana, were dating rich married men for survival since there was no work in the country.

She came under severe atta¢k after that interview but she stood her grounds.

Watch the comeback video of Moesha below.


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