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Video: Meet The Man Who Looks Exactly Like A M0nkey Being Treated Like One

According to Science, human species are part of the great ape family. Humans came to look like how we are through the work of evolution.

Due to this fact, human beings share a lot in common with our distant cousins in the ape family.

There are some rare instances where a human being will look almost exactly like any of the other members of the ape family. It could be a chimpanzee or even a monkey.

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One Nigerian man who looks almost like a m0nkey has been captured on camera being treated like one.

The man’s face looks more or less like a m0nkey. The video was taken by a woman who served him food and wanted to add him a banana.

The banana aspect was some sort of derogatory gesture being extended to the man to acknowledge his resemblance of a m0nkey.

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He resisted the banana and the woman had to explain herself well before he accepted it. The man asked why she was recording him with her phone and she denied it.

Apparently, the man sensed something fishy in the whole act. Watch the video below.


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