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Video: Man Vents His Anger And Rains Curses On Government For His Unemployment

Unemployment is real! It’s a monster that has been hungry for sometime now due to long term starvation. And the anger is been used on innocent youth who are mostly graduates of institutions of higher learning.

Africa has the most youthful population with over half of the continent’s population being the youth.

This bright feature of the continent is been blurred by the unemployment rate in the various countries in Africa.

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One frustrated unemployed graduate in Nigeria who has been forced into Okada business has been pouring his heart out on the happenings in the country.

The man in a video appeared livid over the poor economic situation of the most populous country in Africa.

He recounted how past and present governments have been looting and privatizing the public wealth to the detriment of the the ordinary citizens.

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He also lamented the rate at which the country is going deep in debt due to the incessant borrowing by government. The money he said, are monies that are not used for the purpose fro which they were been procured.

Check out the video below.


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