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Video: Man Turns Into A Cow After Allegedly Sleeping With A Married Woman

African magic, popularly known as Juju or Voodoo is one that has caused a lot of confusion among people regarding its potency.

Many have argued that voodoo is not real but just an illusion or tricks pulled by practitioners on their clients or victims.

There are countless reports of men in particular, working voodoo on their wives to the extent that the wives cannot have s3x with a different man.

Some of the consequences include but not limited to the man getting stucked inside the woman, destruction of the manh00d of the man etc.

One man has fallen victim to this voodoo practice after sleeping with an alleged charmed married woman.

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The man who is yet to be identified is said to be a native of Zimbabwe who turned into a cow after his amorous affair with the married woman.

The man is captured in a video where he is seen sitting down with his legs turned into cow trotters whiles he also developed a cow’s tail.

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He is seen crying but the sound appears like that of the cow’s.

The bewildered residents couldn’t believe what they were seeing and had to watch in amazement whiles taking videos and photos as evidence.

Check out the video below.


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