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Video: Man Takes Clothes He Bought For His Ex In Public

Men usually assume the responsibility of taking care of their spouses when they are in a relationship. It has come to be established as a norm for the male to take care of the female when they are dating.

But most ladies, upon the huge amounts of money spent on them during a relationship will go behind the man in her life to have some other amorous relationships.

This, when happens, leads to the termination of the relationship. The man usually feels deceived and scammed when a lady he has spent so much on decide to go for another man when he is still actively dating her.

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Some men act somewhat unprofessionally when they’re faced with a relationship crash.

One man is seen in a viral video dealing with a lady she allegedly bought clothes for during their relationship in a public space that brought down the dignity of the woman to the lowest point.

The man confronted the lady in the company of her friends and demanded that she should give him back whatever he bought for her including the clothes she was wearing at that moment.

The man was so determine to see to the logical conclusion of what he started and not even the pleads from his ex’s friends and other spectators could make him jettison his plan.

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He stripped the lady off all her clothes especially those that he bought for her. The video has gone viral on social media and a lot are passing their judgement on it.

Men are beginning to wise up and also up their game to the level of their “cheating” partners. This man’s incident has been hailed by men and described as a win for the male gender.

Check out the video below.


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