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Video: Man Stuck Inside A Married Woman During S3x Whiles A Cobra Patrols The Bed

Issues of infidelity in marital homes is beginning to hit rooftops as a lot of men and women now engage in extra marital affairs with other people’s spouses.

The issue has come a long way and a lot of people are beginning to suspect that there is no way it can ever be stopped.

Many have devised new ways to deal with their cheating partners, with some even going as far as consulting native doctors to work charms on their spouses.

A new video which is currently trending online has some two cheating partners stuck together during love making.

The neighborhood got wind of the situation and rushed into the room to separate them only to find a huge cobra patrolling the bed in defense.

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The huge reptile prevented people from coming in to assist to separate them.

Speaking at the scene, the husband of the lady in the center of the controversy narrated that, he has always suspected his wife of infidelity but she denies it anytime he opens the topic.

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He decided to consult a friend about how to deal with the promiscuous nature of his wife. The friend then advised him to go and see one traditional herbalist to prepare a charm for him.

It was this charm that he used and the cheating wife was exposed to the whole world in such an embarrassing manner.

The video is right here for you. Check it out.


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