Home Social Buzz Video: Man Proposes To His Pregnant Girlfriend Using A Billboard – Watch

Video: Man Proposes To His Pregnant Girlfriend Using A Billboard – Watch

When it comes to proposing marriage to a girl, men begin to get very creative in the way and manner they go about it.

Some men have now decided to take their marriage proposals to public places such as shopping malls, markets, schools, lorry stations and what have you, whiles some still maintain the traditional way of keeping it secret.

Admittedly, many men have had the embarrassment of their lives when their partners reject their proposals in the full glare of the people who are witnessing the event.

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Some girls even go to the extent of being abusive towards their boyfriends in the process.

One man from Nairobi, Kenya has decided to take a different path from the usual when he decided to propose to his pregnant girlfriend.

The man who is a known internet big guy and a supposed rich man made a billboard where a picture of him and his girlfriend together was boldly embossed on it.

He wrote the magic words of “Will you marry me?” on top of the picture.

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After taking the girlfriend to the site, he drew the curtains down revealing the content on the billboard. He then went down on his knees to slip the ring down the finger of his girlfriend.

Starboey Money, as he’s affectionately called, has taken this marriage proposal thing a notch higher and he has probably given a clue to upcoming couples on how to propose to their girlfriends.


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