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Video: Man Proposes To His Girlfriend On A Busy Highway

Love is one thing that has the capability of getting people do the unthinkable.

In the name of love, many people have lost their sanity just to satisfy their partners and to some extent, the public.

One new trend in the dating world is the manner in which men propose to their girlfriends.

Whiles the issue of whether the modern day proposal has anything to do with Africa is still debatable, many continue to do it regardless.

A lot of places are normally considered when a man is about to propose to his lover.

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Some choose to do it in a public space whiles others decide to do it at a quiet place of their convenience.

One man is making the headlines after a video of him proposing to his girlfriend in the middle of a highway hit social media.

The man took his long term girlfriend to the roadside, and in the full glare of motorists, he knelt down to propose to the girl.

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The girl did not hesitate to stretch forward her hand for him to slip the ring down her finger.

Observers, including motorists and other Okada riders watched in awe and some even took out their phones to capture the scene.

The two received some rousing applause from the spectators who admired the bravery of the man.

Watch the spectacular moment below.


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