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Video: Man Performs Rituals On His GF’s New Waist Beads

Waist beads are highly regarded in most African societies and they are considered as a must have for all ladies.

Except in some rare cases where some ladies don’t wear waist beads, it is always odd for an African lady not to have waist beads worn around her waist.

It is a turn on for most men during intimacy with their partners. In fact, most men will not even be happy when making out with their partners and realizing that the girl is not wearing beads.

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But in as much as many people love waist beads and will do anything to have their women wear waist beads, a lot of others have also attributed spiritual meaning to the wearing of waist beads.

Due to this, some men are also seeing waist beads as a turn off for them. They loathe that very much to the extent that they will not have anything to do with a woman wearing waist beads.

One man has hilariously reacted to his girlfriend’s new beads and the video is fast making waves on social. The girl bought the waist wear and hanged the roll somewhere in the room.

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When the man saw the beads, he picked and started sprinkling anointing oil on the beads. He started chanting some biblical verses whiles the girl watched in awe.

Watch the hilarious video below.


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